Episode 21:

Marketing Your Wine, Post-Pandemic

W/Chelsea Boss of SeaBoss Marketing

As restrictions surrounding the pandemic begin easing and we move towards reopening, I wanted to invite my friend Chelsea Boss of SeaBoss Marketing back on the podcast to talk about how to market your wine brand in a post-pandemic world.

It's no secret that the way we marketed changed drastically during the pandemic. Wholesale marketing was largely put on pause, while e-commerce boomed for many wine brands. In this episode, Chelsea and I discuss how to market on social media, via your email list, your e-commerce platform(s), and in retail. We also touch on what our predictions are going to be for the once-ubiquitous virtual tastings, now that tasting rooms are beginning to open up.

This hour and a half episode is jam-packed with actionable tips for how to stay relevant and adjust your strategy with the times.

Zoë is a brand strategist and designer based in LA. She serves women and BIPOC in winemaking who prioritize sustainability, and she makes cat video outsider art.

@helloecreative on Instagram 


Key Takeaways from this Episode:

  • Establish a cadence for how often you'll post or email your audience.
  • Now is the time to update your website and marketing strategies
  • Hire photographers, web designers, and social media consultants to help you get your strategy and website in order so when things open up fully and the rush of summer and harvest take hold, you can rest easy knowing your marketing is handled
  • Establish and/or rebuild relationships with your audience online and with your retailers

Photo Courtesy Zoë Dove-Many, www.helloecreative.com

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