Winemakers in their Natural Habitat

Sometimes all we think we need are staged photos of our winemaker to send to trade and media, but I think there's something to be said about capturing makers making.

Here you'll find both.

I know that having your photo taken isn't always the most comfortable experience.

So, when I show up for a photoshoot, I don't just stick a camera in your face and call it good. I spend time getting to know you and your team, watching you interact with your space, and learning what really lights you up. I do this for two reasons: First, I am truly interested (you're really cool, my friend!); and second, I find that this approach makes for more genuine expressions and postures.

So, whether you're looking for headshots for your website and trade or you need behind-the-scenes imagery to captivate and engage your audience, I can help you!