Episode 17:

Everything you Need to know about Wine Branding

Today I was joined by guest co-hose Chelsea Boss of SeaBoss Marketing a chat all about wine branding!

We interviewed Lindsey Regan and Byron Hoffman of Offset Partners, a brand design and technology company serving the wine industry all about what branding even is, how it's different from marketing, and how to discover your own brand's identity.


Byron Hoffman is the Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Offset, a leading brand design and commerce technology company whose renowned clients include Frog’s Leap, Kermit Lynch, and Mayacamas Vineyards.

Raised in a family embedded in food and wine in the Napa Valley, Byron thrives on weaving mindful design and technology into the rich history and culture of the wine industry.

Outside of Offset, Byron has been collaborating with his grandmother, Sally Schmitt, on her part memoir, part cookbook, Six California Kitchens, which will be released by Chronicle Books in the fall of 2021. Byron lives in San Francisco with his wife, Lindsey and dog, Greta.


Lindsay is the VP of Service and Brand Strategy at Offset. With nearly two decades in the beverage packaging industry, Lindsay has deep experience with the unique aspects of the wine industry and what it takes for branding to resonate as well as the complex logistics required for any digital or packaging project to be successful.

A native of Tennessee, Lindsay’s pre-Napa life was informed by her work with the Smithsonian and a BFA in Graphic Design. A firm believer in the power of smart, thoughtful solutions and efficiency, she never shies away from a good challenge. Lindsay lives in Napa with her husband and twin daughters.

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