Winemaking doesn't usually involve standing in a vineyard, swirling a glass of wine at golden hour, with perfectly coiffed hair.

So, why must we insist on photographing you that way?!

Your audience wants to see that they are supporting real people with pulses and emotions;

I help you tell the true story of how you get your fans' favorite wine into their hands with awesome behind-the-scenes images and effective social media marketing.

Wine Photography


10 images

For brands who need a website refresh.

Great for headshot sessions, tasting room captures, and bottles in the wild.



25 images

For brands who want to tell a more full story on social media.

Great for behind-the-scenes production, vineyard, and lifestyle shots.



25 images/month

For brands who need consistent, up-to-date content for social media.

Great for showing what it takes to get your wine from soil to sipping.


*three month commitment,

$1799 due on signing