There are a lot of wonderful photographers out there, but not many understand how to capture wine brands honestly and in a way that tells a story. I've worked in the wine industry for over a decade, variously in tasting rooms, production, and vineyards, so I understand not only what it takes to get your wine from grape to glass, I also know how to capture these images safely.

We work collaboratively to capture the true story of how you bring your fans' wines to their table with awesome behind-the-scenes images, dynamic photos of your wine with food, and, of course, photos of the people that make your brand special.

The Vineyard

I can capture the beauty of your vineyard and the vineyards you source from in all seasons.

Sunset at John Sebastiano Vineyard in the Sta Rita Hills, Santa Barbara Wine Country. Vineyard is dormant.

The Winery

Showing the behind the scenes work that goes into crafting your gorgeous wines is a great way to invite your audience into a story they often don't experience.

The Tasting Room

Showing your fans what they can expect from a visit to your tasting room will help give them a sense of belonging which will increase the likelihood of them visiting!

The Wine

Show your fans exactly what enjoying a bottle of your wine could look like for them!

The People

Your people are what set your brand apart from your competitors. Show them off with imagery that conveys emotion, their personalities, and help your fans put faces to the names of the people that bring their favorite wines to life.


A photo session during harvest can help create content for an entire year if done well. I can capture all sides of harvest, from picking from the dark into the sunrise to pressing & punch-downs and everything in between!

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20 images

Up to 1 hour session

A short session that's great for headshots, tasting room captures, or bottles in the wild.



60 images


A slightly longer session that's great for behind-the-scenes production, vineyard, and lifestyle shots.



100 images


I spend the day with you, capturing what it takes to get your wine from soil to sipping.


Craft & Cluster proudly donates 5% of all revenue to organizations that support women, BIPOC, and the LGBTQ+ communities including The National Network of Abortion Funds, The Cal Poly Scholarship for Black, Indigenous, People of Color in Wine and Viticulture, and The Pacific Pride Foundation.