How do you build up a visual content library?

When I was working for a vineyard management company my supervisor told me that I needed to divide my time evenly among the three departments I worked for and "just make social media work" in that .01% of my time that I wasn't scouting for pests, helping with grape sales, and managing compliance--among other things.

As fun as social media was (and still is) for me, I was loath to do it outside of my working hours, which left me with two options: not work on it at all OR find a way to fit it into my schedule any way I possibly could.

I, therefore, got really good at finding 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there to snap a few photos, capture a few videos, write a few captions:  

  • The five minutes I was standing in a vineyard waiting for weather station data to download? Content creation time!
  • Found a sweet-looking cluster when out setting yellow-jacket traps? Content creation time!
  • Waiting for fruit to be delivered at 9:30 PM so I could weigh it and load it on a truck? You guessed it: content creation time!

I became so good at these mini sessions of content creation (probably better called content CURATION) that I built up quite the library of images, videos, and caption ideas.

My point with all this is to encourage you to find those free minutes here and there in your workday to snap some photos, capture some video, or make a note of a good caption idea on your phone.  

  • If you're working in production use the time between press loads during harvest or when you're racking your wine to take a couple of photos or videos.  
  • If you're in the tasting room during a lull, snap some photos of the tasting list or stage a tasting on the bar and create a quick panned 15s video. 
  • If you're in the vineyard taking samples, or scouting for pests, take a minute to capture your clippers in your bucket, or even set up your phone for a time-lapse of you walking rows.

Content creation isn't hard when your job is cool; and I promise that if you do this, you're going to make your content planning sessions a whole hell of a lot easier.

But if that still feels like too much, then hire me!--I love following talented people around, photographing what they're doing!