Episode 6:

Marketing to Millennials and Gen Z with Simonne Mitchelson

We have a very special guest on today’s episode, my friend Simonne Mitchelson, a fellow millennial woman in the wine industry, who I have had the immense pleasure of getting to know in the last year. Today we are talking all about how wine brands can successfully market to Millennials and Gen Z, how we can be more inclusive as an industry, and how millennials, wine, and social justice are no longer things that can be separated.

Simonne got her start in the wine industry by way of the restaurant industry in Aukland, NZ. After working for wineries in New Zealand, the US, and Australia, she made her way down the coast of California to Santa Barbara where she is now working as the Southcoast Estate Manager for Jackson Family Wines.

Since Simonne and I got to know each other, many of our conversations have centered around what being millennial women in the wine industry means to us. This episode is our opportunity to bring some of the conversations we are having privately out into the world at large, as these are conversations that are important and necessary for the growth of this industry (and all industries).

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