Episode 23:

Incorporating Diversity & Inclusion into Your Messaging

W/ Alisha Sommer

Today I had the privilege of talking with Alisha Sommer about incorporating diversity and inclusion messaging into your marketing. Particularly on social media. This topic is something we should be talking about regularly and all the time and revisiting often. But it's particularly timely as this month, we will be celebrating the 155th anniversary of Juneteenth.

Alisha gives us a brief history of what Juneteenth is and talks about how to incorporated DEI messaging into your business intentionally

I also ask her if brands who haven't yet put in the work of incorporating this messaging into their marketing or even into their business should start with Juneteenth. Spoiler alert, her answer is NO.

Alisha is of the opinion that you need to put in the work internally (and really WANT to do this work) before you go sharing that messaging, and I have to agree. Now, should you choose to stay silent on this holiday, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be putting in the work: Alisha gives several awesome ideas for you to start doing this work internally and then gives ideas on how to start sharing those values publicly.

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Image courtesy Alisha Sommer, www.alishsommer.com

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