Episode 25:

What Social Media Platform Should Your Winery Be On?

By now, you've probably gathered that Instagram is my personal favorite social media platform. It's the place I have the most experience in and it's also the platform I think is best suited to marketing wine. However, there are a number of other social media platforms that I think are worth talking about, so that you can decide where your social media marketing energy is best spent.

Today we will be touching briefly on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Clubhouse as well as Pinterest and YouTube which are technically search engines but are often lumped in with social media platforms.

I won't be talking about LinkedIn today because I don't know enough about it yet to really break it down, BUT I will say that my understanding is that it acts similarly to Facebook but with more people in corporate using it regularly. In fact, a friend of mine has said that since LinkedIn is usually a website that's allowed for people to log on to at work, there is a really great opportunity for brands to access their customers or are perhaps bored at work. So, that's just a little food for thought for you on Linkedin!

Anywho, today we are going to talk about what my favorite features of each of these platforms are, why you might want to put energy into marketing on them, and why you might NOT want to put energy into marketing on them. Also, though I may make mention of paid ads here and there, I'll be focusing largely on organic marketing on each of these platforms because I really think that it's important to get the basics of organic marketing down before we do introduce a beast, such as paid advertising. Let's dive in.

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