Episode 20:

How to Plan a Month of Content

One of the complaints I get most when I'm taking on a new social media management client is that they simply do not have the time to plan their marketing content and don't know what to post in the first place.

Before they come to me, I see one of two things happening: they either posting something on the fly (which rarely delivers results) or they don't post anything at all (which DEFINITELY doesn't deliver results).

I was there once too, but then I learned how to use the process of batching to create more content in a smaller amount of time.

So, in this episode, I walk you through the step-by-step framework I use to batch plan content for myself and my clients every month.

What you'll need:

  • A Calendar for the Upcoming Month
  • A list of Upcoming Holidays and Promotions You'll be Running that Month
  • Plus a place to take notes

The Steps:

  1. Write down the dates of the things that need to be marketed this month + any holidays that have meaning for your brand
  2. Write down your caption categories, which are the 3-5 general topics you will cycle through (Such as "About Us," "The Tasting Experience," "Education," or "Behind-the-Scenes.")
  3. Write down your visual categories, which are 3-5 general photo or video topics you will cycle through (such as People, Places, Products)
  4. Spend 5-10 minutes brain dumping your ideas
  5. Map out your post topics on your calendar (this is where I usually move my topics into a digital scheduler like PlannThat so I can more easily visualize them)
  6. Write out your captions
  7. Insert your visuals
  8. Schedule the time you'll post

And then Bob's Your Uncle, you've got yourself a month of content planned!


I've created a grid, like I mentioned in the podcast episode to more easily help you plan your content. You can download a blank copy here

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